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Structural Fasteners

Structural fasteners and mechanical components are designed to join or connect various parts of structures together securely. These fasteners play a crucial role in ensuring the stability, strength, and integrity of the structure. They are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, bridge building and various engineering applications where structural integrity is essential.

Some types of structural fasteners we offer include:

  • A325 Bolts
  • A449 Bolts
  • A490 Bolts
  • SS304 Bolts
  • Anchor Bolts
  • J Bolts
  • S Bolts
  • Nuts – A194 2H-Nuts and A563 DH Nuts
  • Bent Rod
  • F436 Washers
  • Anti-Vibration Washers

From holding structures together, to manufacturing large machinery, PB&S has the structural fasteners solution for all applications and environments. If you need specialized, unique, or custom structural fasteners, we can get them for you. Contact us today to get what you need.

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