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Advanced Material Fasteners

Advanced material fasteners refer to fastening solutions that are made using innovative and high-performance materials, often designed to overcome the limitations of traditional fasteners in specific applications. These fasteners are engineered to provide improved strength, durability, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and other desirable characteristics, making them suitable for challenging environments and demanding industries.

Here are some advanced materials we supply our fasteners in:

Specialty Metals

17-4 PH Molybdenum
254 SMOMonel
AL6XNNickel 200
Alloy 20Nimonic
Alloy 330Nitronic
Alloy 926Tantalum
Aluminum 7075 Titanium
Duplex SteelTungsten

Engineered Polymers

PFATorlon ®
PTFEVespel ®

Advanced Ceramics


These fasteners contribute to improved safety, reliability, and performance in industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, energy, and medical devices, among others. If you need specialized, unique, or custom fasteners, we can get them for you. Contact us today to get what you need.

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